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50 Tips for HOA and Condo Boards, Volume 2: Homeowners Association Management Best Practices
This report is a follow-up to our earlier special report, 50 HOA Management Tips: Best Practices for Homeowners Association Boards. It is filled with new and cutting-edge advice from our editorial team and experts on HOA governance and management from across the country. You'll find tips to minimize your legal risk, tips to improve your collections, tips to manage the human side of HOA leadership, tips to streamline rule enforcement, tips to save your association money, and much more. keep reading

HOA Reserves, Special Assessments, Loans & More: A Homeowners Association Board Member's Guide to HOA Funding Options
The best-run HOAs have boards that are smart with money. Those boards manage their owners' money with care, and when they have unplanned projects that require additional funding, they're equally methodical and thoughtful. What do those boards do that's so smart? They explore every funding option, starting with well-known ideas like drawing on reserves, taking out a loan, or passing a special assessment. Then they unearth funding options that few HOA board members know about. In this special report, you'll discover tips and guidance on funding options from's expert contributors. keep reading

HOA Management Companies: A Practical Guide for Homeowners Association Boards
In this exclusive HOA management special report, we offer insight and guidance on finding a good HOA manager and determining whether you need an onsite manager, must-have and must-not-have contract language, and tips for responding when your management company isn't doing its job, including guidance on when to cut ties or work toward a better relationship. We also educate going-it-alone boards on best practices for self-managed homeowners associations, and much, much more. keep reading

HOA Policies: 17 Sample Policies Every Homeowners Association Board of Directors Should Consider
In this special report, we lay the groundwork for your HOA board to draft policies and procedures governing a broad scope of condo or homeowners association life by providing you with 17 sample policies released exclusively to you by's expert contributors. keep reading

HOA Leadership Roles and Duties: A Guide to the Positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Member in Condo and Homeowners Associations
We're hearing from a growing number of association members who want more detail about their responsibilities--or who want an easy way to educate their newly elected fellow board members about what, exactly, board members do. What's the president supposed to do? How about the vice president, secretary, and treasurer? keep reading

HOA Boards: Four Ways to Prevent and Ease Board Burnout
October 2009
Let's face it. In many condo and homeowners associations, a handful of people carry the load for the rest of the community. Those heavy lifters can sometimes become burned out. What can you do to prevent burnout? And what can you do to ease the burden when HOA board members are feeling drained? Here are four suggestions. keep reading

Your HOA's Mechanicals Are Noisy! Should You Care?
May 22, 2015
Here's a problem our experts have seen time and time again: Complaints that the HOA's innards are too noisy for nearby unit owners. In this week's tip, we suggest that you investigate before dismissing them as the cries of people who should have known what they were getting into. keep reading

Can This Noise be Silenced? 4 Tips to Tell If It's the HOA's Responsibility
May 2015
An reader asks, "I live in a building where a noise problem has developed that results from water pressure. When the water goes on and off, a very loud thud occurs. As a resident (also a seven-year board member), this is disruptive and also negatively impacts the value of my unit. The sound isn't coming from my unit, but from above and next door. What's the best way to determine responsibility for this (either surrounding units or HOA)? I'm presuming it's the HOA since it's more of a generalized plumbing problem. As a note, I'm having trouble getting the building manager to take this seriously since it's hard to document a noise problem." keep reading

It's Time to Start Working on Your HOA's 2015 Taxes. Seriously.
May 15, 2015
In this week's tip, we give you a big jump on filing your HOA's tax returns next year. And if you take our advice now, we promise you'll probably be much less stressed later. We're offering this advice because unfortunately, an reader just learned the HOA's accountant has done the returns wrong for seven years--and it was a CPA supposedly familiar with HOAs. keep reading

Get Ready for Next Year's HOA Tax Filing
May 2015
Yes, tax time is over for some HOAs. But not all, depending on whether they operate on a calendar year or some other system. Here we offer a few tax tips and lend a hand to a reader who's just found out his HOA's accountant mucked up his association's tax filing. keep reading

Another Emerging HOA Issue: Tiny Homes
May 2015
A homeowner association expert recently revealed to us a new issue arising at some of the community associations she represents: Tiny homes. They're often on a trailer so they can easily be moved, so homeowners are moving them onto their property. And that's creating challenges for HOAs in all kinds of areas, including when it comes to architectural rules. Here we explain and offer advice. keep reading

Time to Get Your HOA's Drone Rules Off the Ground
May 8, 2015
In this week's tip, we'll fly a few thoughts about drones past you. They're not just for the military anymore, and you need to get ahead of this fast-growing trend before your HOA's airspace needs its own traffic controllers. keep reading

Drones at Your HOA: What You Need to Know
May 2015
Drones aren't just for the military anymore, and HOAs need to get ahead of this fast-growing trend. Here we discuss whether HOAs can expect owners or businesses to begin flying drones within the HOA and whether HOAs can restrict their use. keep reading

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