HOA Policies: 17 Sample Policies Every Homeowners Association Board of Directors Should Consider

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One of your most important responsibilities as a condominium or homeowners association board member is to make your association's members feel at home. That begins with ensuring that everyone within your association knows and respects the rules, which are geared toward making every owner's life safe, peaceful, and predictable.

Predictable? Yes, predictable. It's much easier for all homeowners to follow the rules when they know what those rules are, why they're in place, and the consequences of not following them. That's why it's critical that your board creates policies and procedures that provide guidance for homeowners as they navigate life in a community association.

In this special report, we lay the groundwork for your board to draft policies and procedures governing a broad scope of association life by providing you with 17 sample policies released exclusively to you by HOAleader.com's expert contributors. Governing documents and state laws vary, but these samples can serve as a baseline for you to work with your attorney to craft policies that comply with your governing documents and state laws.

From collections policies to rules governing architectural controls and towing, each of the sample policies in this special report will help you educate your members on their responsibilities. More importantly, they'll reinforce the value your association provides to them every day.

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Table of Contents

Financial Oversight Policies

  1. Assessment Collection Policies
    a. Sample 1: Late Fees and Collection Policy
    b. Sample 2: Assessment Collection Policy
  2. Insurance Deductible Policy
  3. Rentals: Background Check Certification
  4. Rentals: Hardship Exception to a Ban on Rentals
  5. Violation And Fine Policies
    a. Sample 1: Violation and Fine Policy
    b. Sample 2: Enforcement And Due Process Policy

Governance Policies

  1. Architectural Control Policy
  2. Standards and Procedures for Committees
  3. Document Retention Policy
  4. Email Policy
  5. Model Code of Conduct for Board Members
  6. Model Code of Conduct for Homeowners
  7. Pet Policy
  8. Resolution Regarding Executive Session
  9. Rules for Recording Meetings
  10. Towing Policy

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